No Salt Water Softener - Salt Free Home Water Treatment System

100% Money Back GuarenteeNo Salt - Chemical Free
Easy DO-IT-YOURSELF Installation

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    No Salt Home Water Softeners

    Home Water Softeners

    Water tastes better, there is no slimy feeling and appliances clean easier.
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    Pool & Spa Water Conditioner

    Pool and Spa Water Conditioners

    Softens existing calcium scale so that it will clean right off of border tiles. And it will not come back!
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    Industrial Water Conditioners

    Boiler Treatment Systems

    Boiler System maintanence is reduced.
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    Agricultural Water Treatment

    Agricultural Water Treatment

    Proven results of increased crop production and increased quality of agricultural and horticultural products..
Home Water Softener Systems

No Salt Home Water Softeners

  • Made in the USA since 1992
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Easy DIY Installation
  • No Salt, Chemicals or Electricity
  • Lifetime Warranty - 100% Money back Guarantee
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Pool & Spa Water Conditioners

Pool & Spa Water Conditioners

Pools, Spas and Water Features - Problems persist with the accumulation of calcium and scale build up at the water line.
A GMX Pool and Spa water conditioner system can eliminate the hard scale issues that come with water features.

Learn More About Pool Water Conditioners
Agricultural Water Treatment Systems

Agricultural Water Treatment

Agricultural and Farming - Water treatment products of choice, solving industrial hard water scale issues. The GMX no salt water softener can offer cost savings, corrosion control and productivity benefits.

Learn More About Agricultural Water Treatment Options
Commercial and Industrial Water Conditioning

Commercial Water Conditioners

Industrial Commercial and Manufacturing - With 20 plus years of products to treat hard scale water problems, GMX solves many industrial and commercial hard water issues. The GMX salt free water conditioner provides savings, limits corrosion and enhances performance.

Learn More About Commercial Water Conditioner Systems

From the US Department of Energy

Chemical Free Scale and Hardness Control Technologies

Technologies for improved energy efficiency with the prevention or removal hard water scale.

These technologies can be used as a replacement for most water-softening equipment. Specifically, chemically softening with salt, lime, ion exchange systems, or (RO) reverse osmosis, when used for the management of water hardness, can be substituted with a chemical free water conditioning or treatment method. This would also include instances both to cooling water and boiler systems treatment, in both single pass and circulating systems. Other uses included by the manufacturers, provide for the use on fuel lines as a means of reducing fouling caused by build-up of wax, and to reduce instances of bio-fouling and material corrosion. more

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Water Softener System

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