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GMX has been providing Residential Salt Free Home Water Softener systems to Alaska's Inside Passage Region, Southcentral, Interior Region communities since 1989.

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Made in America since 1992

The GMX No-Salt Water Treatment System is designed to stop hard water mineral build-up in your pipes and appliances, which makes cleaning much easier and allows soaps and detergents to lather better. See all the features and benefits of using the GMX No-Salt Water Treatment System in your home: GMX Water Softener - Features and Benefits.

Environmentally Friendly

The GMX Water Softener System does not use any electricity, no chemicals or salts, no filters to purchase - A Water Filter System may be added if you are concerned about the contaminates in your drinking water. A reverse osmosis unit is also not needed with GMX.

No Contractors Needed

With GMX there are no pipes to cut, no filtration tanks to add and no wiring. GMX is an easy DIY installation that will take about 30 minutes to complete. See our Home Water Softener Installation Instructions.

Forever Replacement Guarantee

With GMX there is no maintenance concerns and all our Home Water Softener Systems come with a Lifetime Warranty. GMX is the last Water Conditioning Sytem you will ever have to purchase and is unlike any other systems on the market today.

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