When you use your shower, do you feel or smell chlorine in your water?

Do you know that local municipalities use chloramines and chlorine to treat the water they supply?

Do you think life would be more comfortable without chlorine in your water?

Would you like to have it removed before it goes out of the faucets in your home when you use water for drinking, cooking, or bathing?

We have a hard water technology that refines and softens your water at home by eliminating the sediments and minerals that were not removed by your municipality and causing water hardness. Moreover, it also removes the chlorine odor and taste that is common in city water.

By placing a coconut carbon layer on our water refiner technology, the unpleasant taste and smell of chlorine in your water are removed without you having to spend money on expensive filter systems. Also, you do not have to keep on changing the filter.

We offer a water test free of charge to determine if a specific system best addresses your water problems.

Clean Water Softener Systems & Solutions offer water refiners within a two-tank or cabinet style/single tank system. Which system suits your household?

Consider the space you need for the tank systems, as well as the hardness of the water. According to the water test results, our water expert can offer you helpful advice on the advantages of using a single-tank vs. a two-tank system.

Two Tank Solution

A two-tank technology or system has a detached salt tank. This allows more options when it comes to water capacity.

Single Tank or Cabinet Style System

A cabinet-style or one-tank technology requires less space and is practical for homes with smaller spaces. The brine tank is usually found within the salt receptacle.