Clear Water Softener Systems & Solutions Anti-Scale Technology addresses common problems caused by hard water without using chemicals or salt, as well as the water wasted by ion exchange and reverse osmosis processes.

Our technology reduces the formation of scales in water heaters, pipes, and heating elements. Moreover, it eliminates stains and white deposits on dishes and fixed appliances.

Note that our Anti-Scale Technology is not similar to a hard water softener. It cannot remove magnesium and calcium from your water. It is a system that controls hard water with the help of a PTT media. A PTT media converts minerals from their ion structure to a crystalline form.

Small crystallines do not easily attach to fixture surfaces, appliances, or pipes because normal water flow can easily carry these crystals.


Below are the features of the Clean Water Softener Systems & Solutions Anti-Scale System:

  • Anti-Scale PTT Media- it minimizes the formation of hard water deposits in appliances and plumbing.
  • By-pass Valve– this is for easy repair and maintenance.
  • Coconut-Shell Carbon– this feature filters water in your home without affecting water flow. It eliminates chlorine odor and taste. Moreover, you no longer need separate filter changes.
  • Conventional Plumbing Connection- 1-inch NPT Male plumbing connection for effortless installation. Larger 1 to ¼ inch and 1 to ½ inch adapters are available.
  • Distributors– allows better flow rates.
  • Multi-Wrap Fiberglass Tank– this reinforced tank is durable and does not corrode or rust easily.
  • No Electricity Needed- for easy installation and maintenance. Also, it minimizes electrical hazards.
  • No Need for Added Chemicals or Salt– utilizes eco-friendly technology for places with brine-discharge or water restrictions.
  • No Water Wasted- zero discharge and no backwashing required.
  • Upward Flow Design- lengthens the time of contact with the PTT media for enhanced flow rates and scale reduction.