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Commercial Water Conditioner Applications

GMX commercial and industrial water conditioner devices are designed for a variety of installations and applications. Current uses include Boilers, Cooling Towers, Heat Exchangers, Agricultural, Commercial Laundry and Dishwashing.

Applications include, Apartment Buildings, Hospitals, Farms, Nursing Homes, factories, and several other applications where fluid flow rates and capacities are at a high volume.

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Agricultural Water Conditioners

irrigation water conditioner

Irrigation Water Conditioning

Magnetic conditioning of irrigation water has been used world wide for decades. Benefits from both flood and spray irrigation systems can be found in managing scale build up in pipes and equipment, and in the productivity of crops.

Visit our agricultural water conditioning page for more insight.

Industrial Water Conditioners

Boilers, Cooling Towers and Heat Exchangers.

All these processes involve the use of heated water which can be harmful to pipes and equipment due to the excellerated rate of hard scale build up.
GMX conditioned water assists in the prevention and removal of lime, calcium and magnesium accumulation.

See our boiler water conditioning page for more information.

Institutional Applications

Dishwasher and Washing Machine Applications

When water hardness is of a high concentration, formation of scale will result. Accumulating on the water feed line, causing reduced fluid flow over time. Washer equipment requires longer running times to pump in more water to compensate for the reduction of pipe diameter.

Resulting in increased operationl costs of electricity and maintenance.

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