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GMX-4800 Whole House Water Softener System
and Installation Instructions.

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GMX-4800 Home Water Softener System
This system includes Four (4) GMX Model 800 Devices
Discount Price: Only $699 (plus s&h) - Order the GMX-4800
Regular Price: $840 ----
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This "GMX-4800 Home Water Softener System" is designed for homes with water hardness under 12 grains (200 ppm) and one water heater of any capacity.

If you have multiple water heaters in your home, or water hardness exceeding 12 grains, this system is NOT for you.

You will need one of the following: GMX-5800

The Diamond Home System. Model 4800
Two for the Main Cold Water Pipe

The Diamond Home System. Model 4800
Two for the Water Heater Output Pipe

The GMX devices easily clamp over the outside of your existing water pipes. The is no need to cut the pipes. Complete installation instructions below.

To determine the correct system for your home, click here.
Cold Water Line
Installation Pictures
Hot Water (Heater)
Installation Pictures

GMX Diamond Home System Installation Instructions

The GMX water softener devices can be easily placed on the outside of CPVC, PEX, PVC, or any type of Copper, Rubber or Plastic pipe.

You will be installing two (2) devices over your main incoming cold water line and two (2) devices on the output (hot) pipe of your water heater.

Selecting the Proper Location for the
Two Cold Water Pipe Devices.

See Cold Water Line Installation Pictures by clicking here.

You should mount these two devices over your main incoming cold water line (pipe) in a location that treats all water consuming appliances and fixtures, including sprinklers and outside hose bibs. This location is usually near your main cold water shut off valve. It may be necessary to place these devices in your basement, attic, outside, or underground as needed. These devices can be mounted in any orientation (vertical, horizontal, diagonal).

These two GMX Model 800 devices take up a total of 12" of pipe space and there must be at least 3" of straight pipe (no elbows or Ts) before and after these two devices. This is to minimize the turbulence in the water as it flows through each device. You will need a minimum of 18" of straight pipe to install both devices on the main incoming cold water line (pipe).

Additional Considerations:

  • This location MUST be at least 12" downstream of (after) your water meter.

  • This location MUST be at least 12" upstream of (before) your water heater.

  • This location MUST be at least 6" downstream of (after) any whole house filter you may have.

Point of use filters such as tap mount, under sink canister, reverse osmosis or refrigerator filters are NOT considered whole house filters. The GMX devices can be installed before these point of use filters.

  • This location MUST be within 50 feet of your home.

  • This location MUST be at least 6" downstream of (after) the pressure tank (well systems only).

  • This location MUST be at least 24" downstream of (after) any pump (well systems only).

The exact location of these two devices is not critical, as long as they are installed before the cold water line splits or Ts off and feeds your water heater.

GMX treated water will benefit all outside plants and grasses. GMX breaks down the minerals in the water and allows the minerals and water to be more easily absorbed through the root systems. GMX will also make it easier to wash your vehicle and the outside windows of your home. This is why we suggest placing these devices before the main cold water shut off valve. These GMX devices can be buried underground and/or exposed to the outside elements.

The location that is used by most homeowners in the southwest is over the main incoming cold water line (pipe) just before the shut off valve, as the pipe rises up out of the ground and enters your home. If there is not sufficient room above the soil, or if you prefer, you can bury one or both devices at this location, while maintaining the 1" separation. You CANNOT straddle the shut off valve with these two devices.

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