Below are frequently asked questions about soft water:

How will you know when water is soft?

To understand more about soft water, you must know the meaning of hard water. When water has high amounts of minerals, it is called hard water. Minerals, such as magnesium and calcium, accumulate in a water cycle, occurring with city and well water.

A water softener can treat water before it comes out of your faucet. Soft water is water without impurities, which causes hardness. Soft water has only 1 gpg (grain per gallon), while hard water has over 7 gpg.

Clear Water Softener Systems & Solutions offer a softener system as well as an RO (Reverse Osmosis) water system to address water hardness.

Why does my skin feel wet when using soft water?

Our water softener technology eliminates impurities from your ordinary water, so every time you rinse, there are no minerals left on your skin. There will be no residue, soap, particles, or dead cells. The slippery or wet feeling is normal.

Since water in the city undergoes treatment, does it mean my supply is soft water?

Generally, municipalities use chlorine to treat water. Some may soften your water supply, but only to reach the minimum standards. That does not necessarily mean it is ideal or safe for you or your family.

A water refiner from Clear Water Softener Systems & SOlutions is what you need to remove sediments and minerals that the municipality has not addressed. Moreover, it eliminates chlorine odor and taste.

Is it possible to treat well water?

A certified water expert from Clear Water Softener Systems & Solutions can test your tap water and suggest the right softener or filtration system for your home. Below are the benefits:

  • Reduces the build-up of scales on appliances, faucets, and pipes, saving you money in the long run.
  • Lessens iron stains, odors, and tastes.
  • Brighter and cleaner laundry.
  • Lesser use of detergents or soaps to about 50 percent.
  • Eliminates spots on silverware and glassware.
  • Softer hair and skin.

How do I know which water softener is right for my household?

You can determine the right system or solution for your home by water testing, noting the count of people at home, learning about water consumption, considering your bathroom number, and knowing the appliances that use water.

Authorized professionals at Clear Water Softener Systems & Solutions can help you understand your needs to know the best system or solution for your household.