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GMX Model 800 Installation Instructions

For 1/2" to 1-1/4" Non-Ferrous Tubing or Pipe
GMX Model 800

For GMX Model 800 Measurements, See Below.
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GMX Model 800 Applications

The GMX Model 800 Device is designed for the treatment of scale and corrosion in residential, commercial, and light industrial applications and/or wherever difficult hard water problems exist.

  • Single Family Homes
  • Modular Homes
  • Mobile Homes
  • Travel Trailers
  • RV's
  • Semi Trucks (fuel)
  • Printing Equipment
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Commercial Dishwashers
  • Commercial Ice Machines
  • Other Commercial and Industrial Equipment

Installing The GMX Model 800 Devices

These instructions are primarily for installing the GMX
Model 800 device in Industrial and Commercial Applications.

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GMX Model 800

  1. Place the Model 800 against the pipe or tube to be treated.

    When installing multiple GMX devices in any configuration they should ALWAYS REPEL and NEVER ATTRACT each other. THIS IS CRITICAL FOR PROPER SYSTEM OPERATION. If they attract they will cancel each other out and your system will not work! Please review the installation instructions in the each box prior to installation.

  1. Place the backing plate on the opposite side of the pipe and align the holes with the device. The backing plate is designed to be reversible. Place the dimples toward the pipe for 1/2" and 5/8" pipe or tubing and place the dimples away from pipes that are 3/4" and larger.

  1. Insert the nylon bolts through the holes in the device and backing plate and secure with the wing-nuts.

  1. Tighten the wing-nuts until the device is snug against the pipe. Do not over tighten !

  1. The second device MUST be mounted tandem (see picture above) to the first and spaced exactly 1" apart, these devices should tend to oppose (labels the same direction), not attract each other.

  1. The water flow through the third (and fourth) device at the water heater should be in the same direction as the first two devices with respect to the label (IE: In the "G" out the "X"). In reality the actual direction of the water flow through the devices does not matter as long as the water flow is the same through all devices installed on your system.

Complete installation instructions are shipped with each device.

For a Complete GMX Sizing Chart Click Below
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Additional Installation Information

The principle purpose of using the GMX System to prevent and/or achieve descaling of the plumbing, pipes, and process equipment for homes, business, and industry. Also, the GMX system will condition hydrocarbon based fuels to improve combustion and prevent unwanted varnish and scum build-up in fuel systems. Certain conditions that may impact performance of GMX System are listed below and should be addressed.

Steel Tubing, Iron or Galvanized Pipes
The penetration of a magnetic field through steel tubing / pipe (except for stainless steel) or iron pipe is minimal. If the GMX device sticks to the tubing or pipe, it won't work. The accepted method of treatment in this case is to remove and replace a 24" section of pipe with either copper, plastic, PVC, rubber, aluminum, or stainless steel tubing or pipe.

Water Clarity
After installing the GMX System, an increase in water turbidity (cloudiness) may be noted. This relates to a stabilization period of a few weeks during which calcium deposits are being removed from the system while the GMX System is descaling. It is important to monitor filters, tanks, and sumps weekly/monthly and drain or clean them as needed.

Pumps, Filters, or Turbulence
For best results, always install GMX units a MINIMUM of 24" downstream of any pump, 12" downstream of your water meter, 6" downstream of any filters and 3" from any elbow or T. Ideally, magnetic treatment requires a laminar (smooth) flow of the fluid through the magnetic field for maximum effectiveness.

Underground Pipe
In some situations, underground piping of magnetically treated water may adversely affect the treatment. Treatment of long or extensive (100 feet or more) underground water lines or sprinkler systems may require additional units.

As a rule of thumb we like to see no more than 100 feet of pipe from the point of treatment to the point of use. Most home have 50 feet or less of pipe from the point of water entry to the final point of use. Even if you install your GMX units just after your water meter you should be within these guide lines.

Electrical Equipment
The magnetic treatment of the GMX System may be decreased if electrical equipment capable of generating a strong electrical field, i.e. a welder or large electrical motor, is too close to a water line on which the units are placed. Similarly, an electric power line running next to the pipe for over 12" (in parallel) within 6" may decrease the effectiveness of the treatment. Electrical lines crossing a pipe have no effect.

Car and Truck Diagnostic Computers and Sensors
The magnetic field surrounding the GMX units can interfere with certain functions of diagnostic computers standard on late model cars and trucks. Maintain a minimum 12" separation between the units and any such equipment.

Fuel M.P.G. and Emissions
After installing the GMX System, a temporary decrease in mileage or increase in emissions may be noted. This is temporary as accumulated deposits are being removed from the fuel system and combustion chamber.

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