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GMX Product Specifications

All Clearwater GMX Systems are designed and built to meet the following specifications.

GMX Device Design Notes
(Complete Specifications Below)

The GMX devices are the largest and most powerful available at a reasonable price. This is why we publish the actual specifications on our website. We encourage you to compare our product to any of our competitors. GMX is the LEADER in SAFE Residential Magnetic Water Softening and Conditioning.

Beware of those who claim to have more powerful devices. They are adding up the Gauss Rating of each magnet in their units and misleading you. Putting two magnets together do NOT make them stronger. Actually, tests done by GMX Engineering have shown that if the magnetic field is too powerful, the overall effectiveness is diminished. Stronger magnets don't make a device more effective.

Device Design, Construction and Contact Time are critical for effective magnetic water treatment. Neodymium magnets are too strong, much smaller and don't have sufficient contact time to be nearly as effective as the GMX design.

None of our competitors will disclose their complete specifications. Why? Because the GMX Devices are Larger, Better Designed and have steel construction not plastic. Plastic devices or unprotected magnets can radiate harmful magnetic energy. You want the magnetic energy in the water flow, not the surrounding area.

Most all of our competitors use foreign made ceramic magnets that cost much less. All GMX devices use magnets that are made here in the USA. USA made ceramic magnets are much more stable than those made overseas. USA made ceramic magnets DO NOT lose a large percentage of their original strength like the foreign ceramic magnets do. The GMX Devices are built to Last a Lifetime.

Effective Water Softening Capacity

- Water Hardness -
Most water in the US has between 10 and 40 gpg of hardness.
Grains per Gallon
Parts per Million
Milligrams per Liter
0 to 55 gpg 0 to 940 ppm 0 to 940 mg/l
System Specifications
All GMX devices can be exposed to the outside elements and get wet without degrading their performance and/or voiding the Money Back Guarantee and/or Lifetime Warranty.
This is unique to the GMX design and warranty.
Electrical Power Source: None
Maximum Water Flow: Unlimited
Water Temperature: 32 to 300 Degrees F.
Life Expectancy: Minimum 125 Years
Warranty: Lifetime
Money Back Guarantee: Yes, 120 Days
Construction: Heavy Duty Steel
Protective Coating: UV Rated Poly Vinyl Chloride (Rubber)
Magnetic Power Source:

Grade 8, Strontium Ferrite Permanent Ceramic. Minimum Gauss Rating: 3850 per bar

Ambient Air Temperature: -50 to 300 Degrees F.
Individual Device Specifications
(click to enlarge)
No. of
1/8" to 1/2" Pipes
2-1/2" x
2-3/4" x
2" x
1/2" x
4 3/4 pound
1/2" to 1-1/4" Pipes
5-1/4" x
4-3/4" x
4" x
1" x
2 2-1/2 pounds
1-1/4" to 3" Pipes
5-1/4" x
4-3/4" x
4" x
1" x
2 2-1/2 pounds
3" to 8"' Pipes
5" x
5" x
4" x
2" x
4 8 pounds
>>> Complete GMX Sizing Chart <<<

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