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Dr. Klaus Kronenberg, Ph. D. - GMX consultant and lead scientist.

Click Below for a GMX interview with Dr. Klaus Kronenberg, Ph. D.

GMX Consultant and
Lead Scientist.

>>> GMX Interview with Dr. Klaus Kronenberg, Ph. D. <<<
A Q&A session with the GMX research scientist.

>>> Magnetized I <<<
From Aqua Magazine, August 1993

>>> Magnetized II <<<
From Aqua Magazine, September 1993

Articles reprinted with permission from Aqua Magazine.

Non-Chemical Technologies for Scale and Hardness Control. The U.S. Department of Energy Reports:

"These technologies can be used as a replacement for most water-softening equipment. Specifically, chemical softening, ion exchange, and reverse osmosis (RO), when used for the control of hardness........"

Non-Chemical Technologies for Scale and Hardness Control,
U.S. Department of Energy Technology Alert # DOE/EE-0162,
Published: January 1998

Click here for the DOE report.



Tercero South Student Dormitories

An independent evaluation of the performance of the GMX system was done by the University of California at Davis from Decmeber 2005 to June of 2006 on the Tercero South Student Dormitories.
Please click here for the results and photographs.


Various communities in the State of California
have banned or restricted the use of
salt based water softeners.

Other states have pending legislation.
For more information about this, click below.
Clearwater GMX

Salt based water softeners pollute our environment.

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GMX makes water softening and conditioning history. Click to Enlarge and Read.

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"Get the Salt Out" by Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph. D. - Click to Enlarge.
Get The Salt Out
Author Ann Louise Gittleman,
Ph. D., C. N. S.

The First Lady of Nutrition

Excerpt from the book above regarding
GMX magnetic water softeners and conditioners.
"Get The Salt Out Of Your Water"

Page 72: "Switch to bathing in magnetically conditioned water instead of salt-softened water. Many people prefer to bathe with salt-softened water because it doesn't leave mineral deposits and because soaps work better in it. Unfortunately though, the cleansing benefits of softened water come with an undesirable trade off. Salt softened water increases the risk of heart disease and may also contribute to goiters and gallbladder disease. Even worse, fatal heart attacks and strokes are much more common in areas where softened water is used.

Instead of using a water softener, which replaces valuable calcium and magnesium with sodium, use a magnetic water conditioner, which changes the orientation of water's mineral ions. Hard water treated this way will 'behave' as if it was softened (in other words, as if the mineral content was lowered). This gives you the best of both worlds: all of the beneficial minerals present in hard water along with many of the cleansing benefits salt-softened water provides. To purchase or learn more about magnetic water conditioners, see the GMX listing the Resources section."

By Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D.

Order the book from - $10.36
>>> Get The Salt Out <<<

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