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GMX-4848 Pool Water Conditioning System
and Installation Instructions.

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GMX-4848 Pool Conditioning System
This system includes Four (4) GMX Model 848 Devices
Discount Price (plus s&h): Only $699
(Save $141.00)

$699.00 plus $20 UPS shipping and handling to your door.

This Seven Star Pool Water Conditioning System" is designed for virtually any pool with or without water features (waterfall, slide, fountain, attached spa). If your pool and spa share the same filter system this is the correct system for you. If your spa does not share the filtration system with your pool, you will need to treat your spa separately using one of the systems on our Pool and Spa Systems Page. If you are not sure, please contact us via telephone at (888) 827-9052 or via Email.

If you have a highly customized pool system, please contact us via telephone at (888) 827-9052 or via EMAIL:   .

The 7 Star Pool  Water Conditioner. Model 4848

These Four Devices are placed over the pool filter output pipe in a clam shell configuration before the water valves or manifold.

The GMX devices easily clamp over the outside of your existing pipes. The is no need to cut the pipes. Complete instructions below.

Mount horizontally or vertically
on your existing pipe.

To determine the correct system for your pool/spa, click here.

GMX Seven Star System Installation Instructions

These GMX devices can be easily placed on the outside of CPVC, PEX, PVC, or any type of Copper, Rubber or Plastic pipe.

You will be installing all four of these devices in a "Clam Shell" configuration (see picture below) at the same location.

Selecting the Proper Location for These Four Devices.

You should mount these four devices on the main pipe that returns the water to your pool or spa, before the return water valves or manifold. These devices must be mounted after the filter, but can be placed before or after the heater. You can bury these devices underground, if needed.

These four GMX Model 848 devices, mounted in the "clam shell" configuration, take up a total of 12" of pipe space and there must be at least 3" of straight pipe (no elbows or Ts) before and after these four devices. This is to minimize the turbulence in the water as it flows through each device. You will need a minimum of 18" of straight pipe to install all four of these devices.

Additional Considerations:

  • This location MUST be at least 6" upstream or downstream of the pool heater.

  • This location MUST be at least 12" downstream of (after) the pool filter.

  • This location MUST be at least 24" downstream of (after) the pool pump.

Questions: Please call (888) 827-9052 or email:   .

Installing The GMX Devices
Click Image Below to See Actual Device

Four GMX Model 848 devices properly mounted in the Clam Shell Configuration.

Clean and/or Back Flush your Pool or Spa filter
thoroughly PRIOR to installing the GMX Devices.

  1. These four Model 848 devices are configured in two segments of two devices. The backing plates supplied with the devices are not used.

  2. First Segment (Set A): Place two of the four Model 848 devices on opposite sides of the pipe to be treated. These two devices should be mounted so they OPPOSE (push away from) each other.

    The label on the Top device will read in the opposite direction of the label on the Bottom device. The arrow on the top device MUST point the opposite direction of the arrow on the bottom device.

  3. Insert the nylon bolts through the holes in these devices. Then secure with the nylon wing-nuts. These bolts can pass through the devices in either direction.

  4. Tighten the wing-nuts until the devices are snug against the pipe. Do not over tighten !

  5. Second Segment (Set B): The second segment of two Model 848 devices should be mounted as in step 2 above, and tandem (see picture above) to the first segment. The two segments MUST be spaced exactly 1" apart (very important) and be in direct alignment with each other.

    These two segments should tend to oppose, not attract, each other. The labels on both of the Top devices should read in the same direction and the opposite direction of the labels on both Bottom devices. The arrows on both top devices MUST point the opposite direction of the arrows on both bottom devices.

  6. You are finished with the installation.

Installation Instructions are Shipped with Each System.

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