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Testimonial Accounts of GMX

Customer Feedback
(Commercial Customer Feedback at the bottom.)


I purchased your Home Water Softener System because my Roma Steam Shower was clogging up every few months. It has been 6 months to a year and it works great!

My steam shower seems to work better each month that goes by. It is now working like a brand new steam shower. I want to tell my clients and friends. Also I would like to do a testimonial on your web site.

Call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx

- Brian B., Nicholasville, Kentucky

My husband thought I was crazy when our new GMX system showed up. Although he doubted it would do anything, he installed it for me anyway, with a money-back guarantee, one can't really go wrong.

Our first noticeable difference was our shower stall. It always had a slimy feeling on the bottom. I always figured it was normal that the soap didn't wash away well. After roughly a week, the bottom of our shower felt like it had just been cleaned.

We are at about week three now. The best part about the shower is that the shower is hotter and I haven't experienced a cold shower yet. My husband is complaining that his hair is growing amazingly fast and he has to cut it about every 3 days to keep it short as opposed to once a week like he had been accustomed.

My morning coffee and afternoon iced tea taste stronger than normal, even though we have cut down on how much we use to make it.

My 5 year old daughter has very fine hair. Her hair does not get nearly as poofy and staticy as it used to. Thank goodness because she used to come home looking like she hadn't brushed her hair at all when she got ready in the morning.

GMX has made my life much easier, thank you.

- Pennie H., Hinesville, Georgia

Hey is now Nov. 6th and I wanted to tell you how much I really like having the Diamond system on my water line.....I noticed the change right away.. the muck that would normally stick to all surfaces...that was gone! overall cleaning around the house is a breeze... I am delighted with the results....and wanted you to know.  

Thanks for all your help ....

- Jerry F., The Villages, Florida

Good afternoon Dave,

I am the proud owner of one of your residential water softening systems. I didn't at first, but now I am a believer!

My question for you is this: Would you or do you offer dealerships or OEM pricing for this hardware? I worked long & hard to find an alternative to conventional water softeners and finally made my decision to try yours. I know that if marketed properly in my area, I could increase your business tremendously. I would like to discuss the possibilities with you. I can be reached daily at (815) xxx-xxxx. However, I will be on a business trip next week, so, please try to call today or tomorrow. My job requires that I have an office at home, so, please feel free to call after hours.


- Tony L., Loves Park, Illinois

"It is one of the easiest products to use and one where you can truly see the difference, particularly concerning water spots in our shower. Your follow through after the sale is commendable, and the 120 day guarantee is unique and one of the reasons for my trying your product."
- G.S., Houston, Texas

My counter space, stove and appliances, dishes and anything else I clean is so easy. The shower frame door is now very clean. I used to have to take the doors off and clean forever, but they still were not as clean as they are now. When we watered the dogs, the bowls were always green with algae, now they aren't. I am amazed! My husband notices the water being soft. I love using less soap and cleaning is a breeze. Thanks for supplying this product to us. It's the greatest!
- M.C, Cloverdale, California

The first thing I notices was my coffee pot, it was clean and the coffee tasted better. And, when doing dishes, my suds lasted longer than a few minutes. My cleaning lady said the shower walls were easier to clean, and she didn't know we had done anything. We were using our units with our salt water conditioner, but have recently returned it to the rental company and put a third unit on our water heater. Thanks for telling us about GMX.
- M.J.G., Luverne, New Mexico

No longer using salt. My (wife) skin feels better. Doesn't know if it's related, but his (husband) blood cholesterol level is down since disconnecting the salt softener. Very happy with product. Brother-in-law in Albuquerque, N.M. - bought on his recommendation.
- A.S., Houston, Texas

Hello Dave,

Just checking in to tell you that 2 1/2 months after installing the magnets there are absolutely no hard water deposits on any of the bath or kitchen faucets, etc.

Before installing the magnets we had used the one shower while finishing the building and the shower head was so clogged up with deposits and rust I removed it and installed a new one when the magnets arrived. The new one looks as if it was just newly installed after being used the same amount of time.

Also the one shower stall was very very dark orange with rust stains. The second shower which was used only after the magnets were installed has no rust or deposits at all, being used the same amount of time.

Along with the hard water, we especially were concerned about the extreme amount of rust in our water out here. I believe it is accurate to say the magnetic system has resolved the rust problem at least 90 %. There is not enough rust to justify purchasing a separate expensive rust removal system. Once in awhile we simply put some Iron-Out in the toilet tanks, etc. and they are crystal clear again.

I recently talked to a gentleman about your magnetic system and sent him the brochures. He seemed very interested in what I told him so hopefully you have or will hear from him.

His name is: Rick B.

- Betty A., Middleton, ID

Customer Feedback Shorts

In only a week, we have noticed an improvement in our water - the feel and the taste. Really like the GMX system! Thanx, Wes.
- Wes, Des Moines, Iowa.

Called to order because my neighbors installed GMX and were thrilled with the results. The neighbors had complimented on the follow up and the customer service.
- J. and A.G., Elk Grove, California

Sudsing and taste is much better. Measured chlorine level before and after and the level went way down. Water used to be yellow, but now it's not. Happy with the "Dad-gum-things."
- J.C., Las Vegas, Nevada

Had a salt water softener but wasn't installed yet, still in the backyard in a box. Wife has had a heart attack, didn't need the salt. Was dubious at first, but we proved the product.
- J.G., Grant Pass, Oregon

She is shocked. We were having a terrible problem with white in the shower - staying clean now and scale softening up. High blood pressure, so glade we don't have to deal with salt.
- L.C., Collins, Missouri

Had to cut way back on soap, water tastes better. Drained water heater three times before it finally ran clear. "I can't believe all that stuff was built up inside".
- R.S., St. Louis, Missouri

"Hot water was cloudy, now it's clear. My car is no longer getting spots."
- V.V., Reno, Nevada

Scale is flaking off sinks, scum washes right off. Skin feels better, suds for doing dishes.
- I.W., Reno, Nevada

Everything is great. Only complaint "Distributor should have been more aggressive - should have ordered sooner."
- J.H., Spring, Texas

"My skin felt silky immediately. I by-passed my salt water conditioner and am glad to get rid of the sodium."
- V.E., Augusta, Kansas

Rust stain in shower went away on it's own. Very happy.
- M.F., Newberg, Oregon

Clothes great. Watering plants and orchids are thriving. Still a little residue on glass, but getting better.
- Mr. and Mrs. F.B., Southington, Ohio

Knows it's working because the whirlpool jets have cleaned themselves out.
- R.W., Poland, Ohio

No longer white buildup on washer. Very happy with "these things". A little spotting, but not the hard buildup.
- D.H., Camano Island, Washington

Wife likes it, softer on skin. New hot tub not building up scale. Will call to order more for work.
- C.S., Redmond, Washington

Water in pool staying clear and bright and using less chemicals.
- J.B., Yuma, Arizona

Softener is working much more efficiently.
- J.D., Laveen, Arizona

Everything good - clothes softer, shower water feels better.
- H.S., New River, Arizona

I ordered another set for a rental unit and then two weeks later ordered two more sets, very pleased.
- F.K. Waconia, Minnesota

Iron stains in dishwasher are lightening up, faucets are great. Very happy.
- G.R., Shawnee, Oklahoma

Reduced sulfur taste. No longer use Limeaway.
- J.R., Boulder, Colorado

Extremely pleased, lots and lots of suds - loves the bubble bath, toilets staying clean.
- M.W., Pueblo, Colorado

Softest water in town. Water has cleared up.
- P.D. Palmer, Alaska.

Noticed changes immediately, using less detergent, sink staying clean.
- H.W., Caldwell, Idaho

Scale eliminated on ceramic tiles, faucets staying clean, ice machine now works.
- B.G., Albuquerque, New Mexico

Customer Feedback from the Corporate Office


Our GMX magnets were installed in our new home. . .both water system and pool system. . .and we moved in on February 25, 2005.

The water in San Pancho (San Francisco, Nayarit) is extremely hard but we have NO build up of calcium deposits on any of our taps or tiles.  Our taps look the same as the day we installed them. . .absolutely pristine.  We have never had to drain the pool and acid wash any of the tiles either.

FYI, my neighbor and I performed a little experiment.  She provided me with a dark blue tile and asked me to run water on it a few times a day and let it dry naturally on a flat surface.  She did the same at her house.  At the end of one week, both tiles had some white deposit on them.  The deposits at my house came off with a quick wipe. . .hers could not be scrubbed off at all.

We have the most prolific garden in the area and we only water twice a week.  I'm sure that this is due to the magnetized water.  We do fertilize but then so do other people.   To sum it up, we believe that the GMX products work. . .and we recommend them a lot.   Thank you for providing such a wonderful product.


- Maggie N,Mexico

wilbyMy husband installed the GMX system and didn't tell me. As I was cleaning the pan from the chicken dish the night before I thought I would need more soap to get it clean. To my surprise, I didn't need as much. I turned on the hot water faucet and noticed that the water felt different.

I told my husband that I thought the water felt wetter and hotter. He asked me what I was noticing, so I showed him. I put more water in the dish pan, got more suds, and started cleaning the stove and refrigerator. I could not believe it; no more cleaners, Windex, or chrome cleaners were needed. My kitchen looked as good as new, without the usual cleaning agents. I figured something was going on. My husband finally told me what he had done, but hadn't expected to see any difference in just three days after installation.

- Helen W., Salt Lake City, UT

harryAbout a month after we had the magnets on, the subtle changes became visible. The hard scale that was impossible to remove in the tub came off with just a wet sponge ! We also noticed a big difference on the faucet screens and aerator on my kitchen sink. They came off easily and cleaned up well.

We live in a part of Salt Lake City where the water is extremely hard. I was interested to see what would happen once we turned off the (salt) water softener. I don't get the slick feeling, which I kind of prefer. I don't get that real hard water feeling when I shower either. I really have felt a difference in the water, and I am enjoying that.

- Harold S., Riverton, UT

harrisI was introduced to the GMX magnetic fluid conditioning systems two years ago. I purchased a system, and installed it on the home I was renting, which was 25 - 30 years old. After a 30-day period, I had to drain the water heater because of the dishwasher - it did not clean the dishes and wasn't draining properly.

When I pulled off the dishwasher drain hose, all I could see was white. I tried to stick my finger in the hose, but it would only go in about half an inch and all this white scale came out. I went ahead and flushed my water heater per the instructions provided by the GMX Distributor. I wound up with a five gallon bucket, 3/4 full of scale. GMX had cleaned the water heater and dropped everything to the bottom. The scale was now gone. The water flow and drainage improved at the dishwasher, and it cleaned the dishes very well.

- Artell H., Provo, UT

This is a very unique situation to find this much scale build-up in a dishwasher and water heater. 95% of our customers do NOT experience this bad of a scale problem and do not even have to flush or drain their water heaters - Clearwater GMX.

dansieWe'd had the GMX units on for about 90 days when I started wondering if it was cleaning the hard scale in our dishwasher. So I opened up the dishwasher to check it out. Much to my surprise, there was soft scale around the door and on the bottom of the door. I wiped out several cups full with my hands ! GMX conditioners do work !

- Clinton D., Payson, UT

Current Commercial Users of Magnetic Systems

  • Allied Signal Aerospace
  • AT&T - Western Electric
  • Bantam Books - Process Printing
  • Coca-Cola - Bottle Washers
  • Daniel Corporation
  • Desert Inn - Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Excel Meat Packing Plant
  • Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Ford Motors - Process Water
  • Holiday Inn - Ice Makers
  • Honeywell
  • Hughes Tool Company
  • Kodak - Film Processing
  • University of Utah
  • Miami Bayside
  • Nellis Air Force Base
  • Nevada Nuclear Test Site
  • Pepsi Cola - Bottle Washers
  • Piedmont Mall
  • Safeway Stores, Arizona
  • Sands Hotel, Las Vegas,
    Nevada (Now Closed)
  • Sheraton - Swimming Pools
  • Starmount Company / Forum VI
  • Summa Corporation
  • Texaco Oil / Shell Oil / Richfield Oil
  • Toro Corporation
  • Trump Tower, New York City
  • University of Michigan

Commercial & Industrial Applications
Commercial Testimonial Accounts of GMX

Tercero South Student Dormitories

An independent evaluation of the performance of the GMX system was done by the University of California at Davis from December 2005 to June of 2006 on the Tercero South Student Dormitories. Please click here for the results and photographs.

pplantAt this small city power plant, expenditures of over $10,000 a year were made to de-scale the two cooling towers -- $4,000 for chemicals and $6,000 for the labor involved. Since installing the GMX commercial water conditioning equipment, the money spent on chemicals and labor for the cooling towers was no longer necessary. The GMX system cost the plant around $2,000 to buy and install. After 3 years of operation, the plant has saved $30,000 ($10,000 for 3 years) -- a net savings of $28,000 on an investment of $2,000. The plant will continue to save that money for the life of the equipment.

A Franchise of Burger King Corporation

To Whom It May Concern,

John Woodly of J & S Fountain came to us several months ago with his GMX magnetic fluid conditioning devices, and explained to me the money we could save by using them. I was unsure on the idea until we put a trial set in one of our oldest restaurants.

The magnets were put on our gas hot water heater, main water line, and the ice machine. At this point our water heater was over 10 years old and our ice machine was over 15 years old. We knew we had hard water problems by the looks of our ice machine each month we cleaned the internal parts of the machine.

One month later we checked the inside of our hot water heater and were amazed by the scale that was removed from the heater core by the magnetic water. The efficiency of our hot water heater went up by 25% and the recovery time of our water heater was much quicker. This we know will help save on our gas usage.

The ice machine was also checked and we found the hard water build up we had, would just wipe off. From then on, no hard water deposits were found in our ice machine.

With the findings we found with the magnetic units, it made us believers and we purchased a set for 6 of our restaurants. I would recommend these units to anyone who has hard water problems. The money and time you can save by not dealing with hard water build up will more than pay for the units.


(signed)Shawn Duty
Director of Operations
Hatter Investments, Inc.
A Franchise of Burger King Corp.
1420 Lincoln Way, Suite 400, Coer d'Alene, ID, 83814

delta1A commercial kitchen located in this professional sports arena spent $2,000 per year on lime reducing chemicals to clean the scale from its commercial dishwashers. Since installing the GMX commercial water conditioning system, the scale has disappeared and they haven't had to use any harsh chemicals. As a result, the dishes have been cleaner and have required less dishwashing soap to get them clean.


As Director of Operations at the American Motorcycle Institute, I am regularly called upon to do testing of various aftermarket products. I was contacted by GMX International in reference to their magnetic fluid conditioner, with claims of increased horsepower and better fuel economy by using their magnetic device that simply clamps over the fuel line. I must admit, I was skeptical - how can a couple of magnets increase horsepower and fuel economy.? The basic theory is that the fuel molecules are aligned and ionized by the device for more efficient combustion. I discussed this new product with my instructors, they too were very skeptical, as a matter of fact, the product was instant material for many jokes in the office.

I travel extensively representing A.M.I.'s American Watercraft Institute division as a technical inspector for I.J.S.B.A. Sanctioned personal watercraft races and rack up the miles on my car very quickly. I figured the product could do no harm and installed it on my Le Baron V-6 convertible. The car is equipped with a trip computer that calculates miles per gallon and additional information. I drive at 70 m.p.h. on the Interstate using the cruise control. The installation instructions say that a temporary decrease in mileage will occur as accumulated deposits are being removed from the fuel system and combustion chamber. Prior to installing the GMX fluid conditioner I averaged 29.8 miles per gallon. My first trip in the GMX equipped car was to the Florida Keys, about 600 miles round trip, average interstate mileage dropped to 28.5 miles per gallon. Since the instructions said the mileage would temporarily drop, I figured the device must be doing something. The next weekend trip was to Savannah, Georgia, about 500 miles round trip. I monitored the interstate fuel mileage on the way home for 170 miles at a steady 70 miles per hour. To my surprise my mileage increased to 33.3 miles per gallon. With over 25 years of mechanical experience, I would have never believed this increase in mileage was possible without testing it myself.

I have no way of testing the horsepower of my car but I have noticed the performance is much crisper than before. This was especially noticed when I had an occasion to hit "passing gear", the car accelerated smoothly and powerfully. We are in the process of beginning testing on various motorcycles where the bikes will be dyno tested prior to the installation of the GMX fluid conditioner, then tested after the unit has been installed for 1,000 miles. If the results are the same as with my car, I'm sure an increase in horsepower will occur.

By the way, the GMX fluid conditioner is no longer the brunt of office jokes. Now the instructors are asking me to get them one for their own vehicles.

(signed)Dave Banes
Director of Operations
American Motorcycle Institute
3042 West International Speedway Blvd.
Daytona Beach, Florida 32124

frankAt a AAA baseball facility, the kitchen staff would descale the steamers on a weekly basis. The floor drains had accumulated about one inch of scale build-up from the runoff. They installed the GMX water conditioning system on the water lines going into the steamers. The scale dissolved and the build-up on the floor drain disappeared. Read what the kitchen manager had to say below.

nodanIn October of 1995, I tried a magnetic water conditioner on one of my Groen steamers. This steamer gave us trouble from the very first day it was installed. We had to work on it every week. Water probes would plug up; safety probes would not work; and the steam tank would lime up to where you could not see through the site glass. This went on for one year. It was at that time I met a GMX distributor.

We put one magnetic water conditioner on the inlet water line to the steamer and since then I have only worked on this steamer two times. Neither of those problems were related to the conditioning of the water.

This experience made me a believer. Since then, I have installed magnetic water conditioners on Lamazoca espresso machines; Curtis coffee makers; Manitwoc ice machine; Groen and Cleveland steamers, and Hobart dishwashers. I have seen a remarkable improvement in the dependability and quality of the performance of this equipment.

In addition, I have saved the company considerable expense on breakdowns involving expense of parts and labor, and the downtime of equipment which results in the loss of revenue. After seeing the results on my equipment at work, I now have it on the water lines of my home, and the homes of many of my friends.

Boiler before GMX
Boiler after GMX

At a major university, the maintenance staff installed the GMX water conditioning system on the boilers. Before GMX, the boilers would be opened up every 4 - 6 months to do an acid flush on the steam pipe "bundle". After putting GMX on the system, they opened the boiler up after 6 months and just hosed it out--no hard scale was found and no chemical was used. This means less labor, less chemical and therefore less harm to the environment.

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