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Water Softener Reviews & Comparison

Compare your Treatment System based on:

• Water Hardness       • Quantity of Water Heaters


GMX Home System Model 4800
1 Water Heater
Under 12 grains hardness (200 ppm)
buy gmx-4800


 The GMX Home System. Model 6800
2 Water Heaters
Under 12 grains hardness (200 ppm)
buy gmx-6800

If your water hardness exceeds 12 Grains (200 ppm)


The GMX Home System. Model 5800
1 Water Heater
Over 12 grains hardness (200 ppm)
buy gmx-5800


 The GMX Home System. Model 7800
2 Water Heaters
Over 12 grains hardness (200 ppm)
buy gmx-7800

The GMX water conditioning system is designed to eliminate scale build-up in your pipes and appliances, make cleaning much easier, and soaps lather better. See all the features and benefits of using the GMX system in your home: GMX Water Treatment - Features and Benefits.

The GMX water conditioning System is not designed to filter your water. A Water Filter System may be added if you are concerned about the contaminates in your drinking water. The GMX Devices are designed to replace the salt based unit only, not the reverse osmosis unit that removes the salt from your drinking water. A reverse osmosis unit is not needed with GMX.

With GMX there is no maintenance and no salt. The GMX System also comes with a Lifetime Warranty. GMX is the last water conditioning system you will ever have to purchase and is unlike any other systems on the market today.

Select the correct GMX water treatment system for your home.

The GMX water treatment devices can be easily placed on CPVC, PEX, PVC, or any type of Copper, Rubber or Plastic pipe.

big home
Two Primary Considerations:


Incoming Cold Water is treated with:
two-or- three GMX devices
(depending on water hardness)

Outgoing Hot Water is treated with:
two GMX devices
(for each water heater in your home)

In Summary:
Two GMX devices are placed over the main incoming cold water line if your water hardness is less than 12 grains (200 ppm). And three devices, if your water hardness exceeds 12 grains.
Cold Water Line Installation pictures)

When 3 devices are installed on the incoming cold water line, GMX is very effective to 55 grains of water hardness (940 ppm) of hardness. This is higher than the water hardness everywhere in the US except a few very small areas. To see the GMX specifications, click here.
  • You must use two devices to treat the hot water as it leaves your water heater. All homes need a minimum of the GMX 4800 Home System. This system is considered our "Standard Household System" and is purchased by about 55% of our customers.

    Homes, with 2 water heaters or water hardness over 12 grains will require a larger system.

  • If your water hardness exceeds 12 grains (200 ppm), your must treat your incoming cold water with three devices you will also need two devices for each of your water heaters. This includes homes with "on demand" or "tankless" water heaters. Your home will need either the GMX-5800 with one water heater, or the GMX-7800 with 2 water heaters.

  • If you have multiple water heaters in your home, or some type of custom water heating system, it may be best for you to contact us via email:

Water Softener System

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