Hard water refers to any water containing high amounts of metals or minerals, such as magnesium and calcium.

Although hard water is safe, it can still cause several issues related to appliance efficiency, life expectancy, and cleaning in general.

At Clear Water Softener Systems & Solutions, we offer you a top-quality softening system that is the best in the market. With our softening solutions, you can conquer hard water.

Benefits of Water Softening

Water softener technologies deal with hard water by eliminating magnesium, calcium, and other sediments lurking in your water at home. Once these elements are removed from the water, you and your family can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Lesser film build-up on wall tiles, faucets, sinks, and tubs
  • Removal of stains on flatware, dishes, and glassware that hard water creates
  • Brighter and cleaner laundry while saving 50% of your usual use of detergent
  • Elimination of water residue found in clothing, which can also help fabrics last longer
  • Minimizes the build-up of scales in pipes, which leads to saving 29% of the energy used by your heater because of lesser scale build-up
  • Extends the life of appliances that uses water, such as coffee makers, dishwashers, and washing machines
  • Reduced amounts of excess water and cleaning agents going to your drain or the community’s water system or groundwater

The Best Water Softener You Can Choose for Your Home

There are several water purification technologies, such as salt-free residential softeners, offered in the market today. However, how do you choose the best water softener for your household?

One way is to compare softeners according to how you and your family use water at home. Here at Clear Water Softener Systems & Solutions, we have authorized professionals who can assess your water and suggest the best water softener that applies to your home.

We offer water softeners in a one or two-tank system. If you think which one suits your home, consider these two things:

  • How hard is water at home?
  • How much space is needed for the system?

According to the water test results, our water expert can give helpful advice and information on the advantages of either a two-tank or one-tank system.

Two Tank Solution

A two-tank technology has a detached salt tank. It offers more options when it comes to water capacity.

One Tank Solution

A cabinet-style or one-tank technology requires less space. The brine tank is usually found within the salt receptacle.