Does water at home have an unpleasant taste and smell? Clear Water Softener Systems & Solutions can help you.

Do you think your water is odd? Does it taste like metal or smell like an egg? Does it leave stains or spots on your appliances? Whatever the issue, you must know the culprit. So, what is in your water?

Hard Water

If you see spots on your fixtures, shower doors, or dishes, it is because of mineral content.

Chloramines and Chlorine

Does water at home taste or smell like a pool? Note that chlorine is what the regular supplier uses to disinfect water.


Does your drinking water taste like metal or has a reddish color and causes rust-like stains? That is due to high amounts of ferric iron or ferrous iron in water.


If your water has a metallic taste and looks brackish with brownish stains, it is manganese. It is a mineral that naturally occurs, like iron.

Hydrogen Sulfide

If the water smells like an egg, the culprit behind it is sulfur. You can easily recognize it by its strong unpleasant odor.

Cloudy Water and Sediment

When the water looks cloudy, it is because suspended solids or dirt are in it.

Low pH Level

When water causes bluish stains or tastes like metal, it is because of too much alkalinity.


This can be difficult to detect since it is tasteless and odorless. However, it can be harmful even in small amounts.


Lead rarely occurs in your water supply. It only becomes an issue when it leaves a treatment plant.


Nitrate is a type of nitrogen that is important for the growth of plants. It is usually added as a fertilizer to boost productivity. However, too much nitrate can cause harm to both animals and humans.


Different microbes, such as bacteria, mold, and algae, can make drinking water taste fishy or earthy.


A trace of pharmaceuticals can be found in water supplies. However, the impact of these chemicals on people’s health remains unclear.

If you think the substances or chemicals mentioned above are in your water, ask help from our water expert to do a comprehensive and easy water analysis at your home. Based on the results, our water specialist will help you decide the water system you need the most. Whatever your water problem is, do something about it!