When you imagine swimming, you think of a sunny day, cold drinks, and children splashing and playing with their toys. Of course, you don’t think of winter or hot coffee because family and friends should use the pool during summer.

Does Freezing Temperature Cause Damage to Your Pool?

When the air temperature is too low, water in pipes tends to expand, which can create cracks on your pool parts or system. Therefore, freezing temperatures can cause damage to your pool. How?

After winter, there is a high chance that cracks may form. In the long run, these tiny cracks may cause more significant problems. Note that as cracks extend, more leaks occur. As a result, the pool pump must use more energy because it must work harder. More energy utilized means higher energy bills and a dirty pool.

In addition, proper maintenance keeps your equipment running efficiently and smoothly, regardless of the season. Think of your pool parts as vehicle parts that you need to replace when required to avoid overheating. It is the same concept when you have to replace equipment after freezing temperatures.

Pool Preparation for Winter Temperatures

Below are tips to help you protect your pool during winter:

Cover your pool

To prevent ice, snow, or wind from harming your pool, shut the pool down after the season so it can hibernate. To winterize a pool, follow these steps:

  1. Check water chemistry and balance it.
  2. Clean your pool.
  3. Place winterizing chemicals on your pool.
  4. Lower water level.
  5. Winterize the filter, heater, and pump.
  6. Put an air pillow at the center of your pool.
  7. Cover the pool.

Replace Your Equipment

If your equipment is no longer functioning properly, deal with it. That is so when spring comes, your pool is ready, and you do not have to worry about more damage. You must replace or upgrade your equipment to lessen the chances of damage.

Clear Water Softener Systems & Solutions Energy-Efficient Heaters consist of titanium, which makes them adapt to extreme temperatures. Moreover, they can fight against corrosion due to unbalanced pH.

Additionally, Clear Water Softener Systems & Solutions offer a monitoring system that manages a maximum of five pool parts to protect it from freezing temperatures. All you need to do is to turn the Freeze Protection control on using a home application. When the temperature drops, the system will automatically turn the pool pump on at a set speed.