Clear Water Softener Systems & Solutions is one of the leading industrial and commercial water equipment manufacturers worldwide. We develop and manufacture industrial and commercial water treatment solutions for medical facilities, schools, apartments, hotels, and other establishments that use high volumes of water every day.

We never stop investing in development and research to supply our customers with energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and innovative technologies and products in the market.

Our modular approach in design allows us to develop customized systems that comprise quality components, meeting a variety of industrial and commercial water treatment solutions.

With a treatment system from Clear Water Softener Systems & Solutions, you will save more energy, more money by minimizing operation expenses, general maintenance, and plumbing repairs. Moreover, our water expert will be there to help you with your needs to apply water treatment to your business.

Water Softeners

We provide soft water that reduces heating costs. As a result, it minimizes equipment use and wear and the use of chemicals and soap.

Water Filtration Systems

Our filtration system removes sediments and chlorine odor and tastes. Our designs are customizable depending on the level of contaminants in your water.