The market encompasses different customers and companies that have the exact needs.

Agricultural Industry

Clear Water Softener Systems & Solutions advanced solutions for the agricultural sector help treat issues with water quality. Moreover, our technologies can improve operations and minimize energy consumption.

Boiler System Maintenance

We provide a complete pretreatment system that removes deposits in your boiler. Moreover, our solution minimizes expensive blowdown water loss and prevents corrosion issues with RO (Reverse Osmosis), softening, filtration, and dealkalization or deionizers depending on your needs.

Car Wash

Clear Water Softener Systems & Solutions has always been of exemplary service to the carwash segment, serving both Canadian and Americans. Our Softeners, RO (Reverse Osmosis) systems, and Carbon Filters are recognized globally as one of the best in the market.


Water quality in a campus or K-12 institution can influence faculty members’ and students’ comfort, health, and safety. Moreover, it determines the maintenance cost, operating efficiency, and life of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) equipment. Get help from our water expert in Clear Water Softener Systems & Solutions!


Like any other business, customers will look to minimize cost, enhance operational efficiency, optimize ROI (Return on Investment), and reduce maintenance costs while keeping the well-being and safety of individuals.

Real Estate

Water hardness due to contaminants and minerals found in water can cost companies considerable money in operating and maintenance expenses. That is because businesses utilize water in different ways. Get help from our water expert to assess your needs and recommend the appropriate solution for your company.

Restaurant and Hospitality

In the foodservice, restaurant, and hospitality industry, water quality is crucial to keeping your company’s reputation. Also, water is vital for all your operations. Contact our water expert to help customize the best solution for your business.

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities and hospitals must treat water for foodservice, sterilization, hot water, laboratory services, and laundry facilities. Without safe water, especially in the healthcare industry, the health of people will be compromised.

Our water specialist can help you decide which water solution is best for your filtration needs with knowledge of your water usage, quality, and specifications. Whether you need to prevent scaling, control odor, or free contaminants from your water, our solutions will solve your water issues for you.