Whether you want to have a backyard pool to party with your friends or to spend time and relax with family, Clear Water Softener Systems & Solutions offer you solutions to keep your pool in good condition. Enhance your pool by using our quality and efficient products and enjoy great moments with your loved ones.

Pool Solutions

Clear Water Softener Systems & Solutions technologies are developed to filter and clean water for a spa or pool that is crystal clear, promoting an active lifestyle and good health. Our automation equipment is easy to use, so you don’t have to worry about controlling water from your spa or pool.

Pool Pumps

Our pool pumps do not produce any noise that will disturb your moment. Most importantly, they comply with DOE regulations and are certified by ENERGY STAR®.

Pool Automation

Clear Water Softener & Solutions automation systems are innovative and simple. Manage your pool without a hitch with our user-friendly and intelligent system. If you want convenience, then our automation remote control gives you full control over your pool.

Heating Solutions

On a cold day, you might want to use your pool without having to freeze to death. With our healing solutions, you can make your pool warm. Clear Water Softener Systems & Solutions offers one of the best spa and pool heating solutions in the market. Our heating solutions guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Pool Cleaners

We offer pool cleaners that can handle any size of pool or debris in your pool. Whatever you need, whether it be a robotic, pressure-side, or suction-side cleaner, our products will help you save energy and time. Swim confidently in your pool without having to worry about dirt. You deserve it.

Water Treatment

We have a collection of water chemistry and sanitizing systems as well as chemical feeders that will make your pool crystal clear.

Other Pool Products

Here at Clear Water Softener Systems & Solutions, you will find what you need to maintain your spa or pool.

  • Pool filters– collects excess debris and keep bacteria from invading your water.
  • Pool valves– controls water flow direction.
  • Pool lighting- enhances the visibility of your spa or pool.
  • Above Ground Solutions- we offer above-ground pool systems for your above-ground pool, such as sand filter, cartridge filter, DE filter, and more.
  • Replacement Parts– whether you need to replace your pool parts, we’ve got everything you need here at Clear Water Softener Systems & Solutions.