To choose the right water softener, below are some features and guidelines you must understand:

Water Consumption and Household Size

A person normally uses about 75 gallons daily, and a family with four members utilizes approximately 300 daily. If your family members take long showers or do laundry, water consumption per day can reach 100 gallons for every individual per day. If you reside in a place that uses a lot of water and hard water, you need a softener with a higher capacity.

Water softener grain capacity refers to the amount of grains in water minerals eliminated before regenerating. Your softener will run efficiently when it regenerates at least once every ten days.

Follow the guidelines below:

Water Hardness Water Usage per Household Capacity
10 100 to 200 gallons 20,000 to 29,000 grain
10 200 to 400 gallons 30,000 to 44,000 grain
10 400 plus Above 44,000 grain

Style of Regeneration

You must know how a softener regenerates. Water softeners with a timer for regeneration can regenerate regularly, regardless of consumption. Regeneration initiated by demand works depending on water usage, thereby saving salt.

Eliminate Extra Contaminants

Aside from softening, there are softeners that can eliminate extra contaminants like iron or chlorine. You can find these features on models with higher capacity.

Other Features

More features means lesser water softener maintenance. These include high flow pipes, salt indicators, flow indicators, and touch screens.

Water Filtration Technology

Adding a filtration system completes your treatment solution. These systems ensure the safety of your family because it eliminates harmful substances, such as viruses, bacteria, dissolved solids, chemicals, lead, sediment, and chlorine.

Set Up

Water softeners have step-by-step instructions and the parts needed to set it up. You must have tubing and connectors to link the softener to your plumbing, a drain, and access to an electrical outlet (110V).

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