Water naturally comes with a variety of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium. The amount of these minerals in your water supply determines whether the water you get is hard or soft. Hard water has high levels of minerals, while soft water has fewer minerals. There are disadvantages to having extremely high water, and in such cases, you will need a softener. In this article, we will review the Springwell Futuresoft Water Softener and what it can do for you.

Do You Need To Soften Your Water?

If your water’s hardness exceeds the standard, 7 grains per gallon or 20 mg/l, it is advisable to get a water softener. Otherwise, softening your water is a personal decision that could have numerous benefits for you, your home, and the environment.

Advantages of softening your water include:

  • Avoid the risk of mineral build-up or scales on the inside of water pipes, kettles, pots, and hot water heaters.
  • Prevent the settling and appearance of mineral residue on glassware.
  • Get rid of any odd taste in your water
  • Benefits for healthier and stronger skin and hair
  • Cleaner clothes that last longer
  • Lengthen the lifespan of appliances and pipes

How Does The Springwell Futuresoft Water Softener Work?

The Springwell softener does not use a salt-based softener to eliminate minerals causing hardness in water which is typical for other softeners. Instead, the Springwell soft-free neutralizes the hardness using a unique template-assisted crystallization technology.

Unlike other water softeners, the Springwell Futuresoft Salt-Free Water Softener does not soften water by water filtration and ion exchange. Instead, it turns the hardening agents in the water into crystals that do not stick. As such, the softener does not need a cleaning cycle as there is no need to clean out the filter.

This crystallization is done with by resin beads that are surface-based. Hard water ions are converted to non-stick crystals. This non-stick form means that scales do not form in the softener, making it remarkably low maintenance.


  • Very Durable: The SpringWell Salt-free softener is durable thanks to the crystallization technology used to soften water. The media that softens the water remains in great shape.
  • Environment-friendly due to salt-free technology
  • Brilliant Sizing Format: Many other softeners come in sizes based on how many minerals are in the water. The Springwell salt-free softener comes in different sizes, depending on the number of bathrooms or size of the house.
  • Easy Installation: The Springwell salt-free water softener is easy to install as it does not need drain to do its job. The softener also comes with a comprehensive and easy-to-understand instruction manual.
  • Easy Maintenance & Budget-friendly: Thanks to the crystallization technique, this softener does not need any maintenance as there is no ion or debris accumulation. The sediment filter needs to be changed routinely, though.
  • Suitable for various settings: while the Springwell Futuresoft salt-free softener is mainly designed for city water, it can also be used on private wells. Use with a private well will require coupling the softener with a filtration system as minerals like iron, copper can damage the softener.
  • Impressive Flow Rate: At a flow rate of 12-20 gallons per minute, this softener has a great flow rate nearly 3 times the average of many other water softeners.
  • Great Capacity: there is no limit on how much hard water this softener can work on.
  • Essential minerals are retained: because the minerals causing hardness are not being removed, your water still has the essential minerals that are good for your health.
  • Salt-free technology is great for low-sodium diets
  • No unnecessary pressure drops: You can use the softener across various inlets without risking pressure drops.


  • There is no indicator on the sediment pre-filter: You can’t tell when the pre-filter needs to be changed.
  • Does not produce soft water as hard minerals are not eliminated.

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