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Pool & Spa Water Conditioners


GMX-4848 Pool Water Conditioner System. Model 4848

Pool Conditioning System

Only $699
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The 6 Star Pool and Spa Water Conditioner System. Model 2848

Spa Conditioning System

Only $378
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Select the Best Water Conditioners for your pool or spa.

Underwater Swimmer

A GMX System will Dissolve Scum & Scale:

  • on your Fountain.
  • on your Waterfall.
  • on your Pool Slide.
  • Above, At and Below the Water Line.

A GMX System will also:

  • Minimize Odor from Chemicals.
  • Eliminate the Need for Acid Washing.
  • Increase Heater Efficiency.
  • Prolong Heater Life.
  • Prevent Dry Skin.
  • Improve Water Clarity.
  • Inhibit Algae Growth.
  • Minimize Eye Irritation.
  • Reduce Chemical Usage.
  • Make Cleaning Much Easier.

Nice Pool & Spa

GMX will work on any size pool or spa. Including portable spas,
in-ground spas and pool/spa combinations with or without waterfalls.

Select the best GMX water conditioning system for your pool or spa.

poolWhen treating your pool or spa with a GMX water conditioning system, there are a couple of factors that determine the proper GMX System. They are: The size of the spa, and whether or not your pool has water features (IE: waterfall, slide, fountain, attached spa).

  • Pools with water features (waterfall, slide, fountain, attached spa) or if your pool and spa share the same filter system, the GMX 4848 Large Pool System is for you. If your spa does not share the filtration system with your pool, you will need to treat your spa separately with the 2848 Spa Water Treatment System

  • In ground spas or pools without water features will need the GMX 2848 Spa System.

  • Small Water features that do not contain very much water as compared to a pool or in ground spa. Will require the GMX 1848 Small Pool System.

  • Very seldom do we find pool or pool / spa / waterfall / slide configuration that will need more than the GMX 4848 Large Pool System. But, if you have a highly customized pool system, we can design a Custom Pool / Spa System that will fit your needs. Please contact us via telephone at (888) 827-9052 or via email   .


Water Softener System

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